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They say in life you will meet someone who will teach you, love you unconditionally, and complete you. I have found that person in the woman that I am now engaged to.  She has made me realize what life is about, my purpose, and who I am. When I am next to her the world stops, and when she is in my arms everything is perfect. I didn’t think this day would be here anytime soon but I felt it, I prayed on it, and I thought about it. She makes me happy like no other girl has ever done. A month ago I felt like I was 10 inches tall and she brought me up to 10 feet tall. She makes me feel like anything I want to do on this earth I can do by just a few simple words. Spending all day together shows me sides of her that nobody can see and her smile is perfect. When God made her he made me, then he let me have what I thought was love and then gave me REAL love. I thank him and her for all that they have done for me. I proposed tonight at a restaurant and when she said yes I was the luckiest man on earth that moment and then after I read her the promise and she promised back and we got our ring fingers tatted.


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